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The Atomic Kinship is a project in collaboration with artist and researcher Katri Naukkarinen, with the with the aim of re-visioning radioactivity as a deity. With this intent, the project revisits an idea that has been already proposed by scientists and researchers in relation to the construction of a repository for nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain, USA: that of a cult of radioactivity, but later abandoned. 

Considering that the first repository of this kind is currently being built in Finland, the Atomic Kinship project proposes to reconsider the idea of a cult of radioactivity as a way of transmitting warning messages into the deep future, while challenging the human- and male-centric views often dominating the discourse of radioactive inheritance. With this aim, the project develops through producing systematic attempts at decoding messages from radioactivity, and interpreting them in various ways. These attempts include performative and ritualistic practices, installations, and other forms of artworks.

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