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be welcome in this land, HD video, 2020, 25,43 min.

short version: 8:00 min.



a work in collaboration with Higuchi Yuiti




“Be welcome in This Land” originates from a reflection on the influence of space, seen as both a psychic and material entity, in human’s perception of life. 

The process of artificialization that nature has undergone in the last centuries deeply transformed the relationship with the environment. Once perceived as a respected force that, through signs and symbols, would guide human life, nature is now the colonized “soulless surface” that is being exploited regardless of the consequences. But what if, in doing so, the human race would interfere in the relationship with his/her subconscious as well, until losing the connection with fate and destiny?


This ritual depicts a rootless being who makes an effort to re-establish this connection. Inspired by the Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony, a tea made of herbs from the mountain is offered to the electric tower with the wish of welcoming a guest, or a colonizer of the land. 

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