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2023  30 September/29 October - group exhibition Quantum Critic in collaboration with Myymälä 2 gallery at Boch House Helsinki, FI

2023  13-15 September - conference participation at  "Re:Source” - on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology - Venice, IT

2023 May - Decay Cyphers, installation, part of the Atomic Kinship project in collaboration with Katri Naukkarinen - Art Quarter Budapest


2022 November - Tree of Dawn, participatory performance project - Sabiles mākslas, kultūras un tūrisma centrs - Sabile, Latvia

2022 October - conference participation at RIXC Art Science Festival: SPLINTED REALITIES Renewable Futures Conference -  Riga, Latvia October 6-8

2022 September - conference participation at Balkan and Baltic States in United Europe: History, Religion, and Culture V’ - Tartu, Estonia on September 18–22

2022 September - Radical Speculations: Artificial Biology and Robotics meet Art and Architecture - group   

                        exhibition - Dipoli gallery Espoo, FI


2022 September - conference participation at FEMeeting - Evora, Portugal 12-17


2022 June - artist in residency at Eskus, Performance Arts Centre Helsinki

2022 June - selected participant at  SOTAN More-than-Human Ecologies Symposium, RIXC Fields Residency  LV

2022 - Anywhere IV - Publication

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