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"Der goldene Vogel" is an ongoing project consisting of a series of paintings, each one measuring 100x150 cm. The work originated as a dialog with the homonym fairy tale from the brothers Grimm. I am reflecting on and from this tale and in particular on the character of the fox, a mutating figure.

The fox needs his limbs and head to be cut off to regain his human identity. I read the need for transformation of the fox parallel to that of a person born in a body whose gender does not reflect the perceived identity. 


Since any kind of transformation has to go through a jump in the void, a willing to be ready to fail and to give up any possible outcome, failure is a theme I am considering.

The idea of failure is a political one. In a society shortsighted in terms of survival of the planet, where success and power are its main values and where respect for life is placed at the very end of the scale, I approach the concept of failure as an alternative, a subversive one.


The paintings in their final installation are meant to be a contemporary version of the ancient theme of the "Sacred Conversation": the figures are showing their wounds and turning towards a center that will remain empty. They are changing their shape and offering their limbs while waiting for a central figure which fails to appear. The transformation itself has to be a failure and the offer of the limbs free, waiting for nothing in return.


I am interested in the coexistence of two opposite movements, the sacred and the obscene. This tension can be a starting point to challenge the principle of reality, to create a fracture by introducing a lack of sense into the hegemony of meaning.

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