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offer to time, 2018 video, sound, photography and text installation, variable dimensions

project in collaboration with Alvin McIntyre and Viktoria Künstler

offer to time

a place which used to host some beings has to be abandoned.

the offer to time is an offer addressed to the idea of time.

a lily is let decompose in the space.

time is needed in order for the offer to take place.

first part of the ritual: floor washing.

washing the floor as a way to prepare the place for the offer, as if washing a newborn’s head.

(not documented)

second part of the ritual: introduction of the lily.

the lily is installed in the room.

the lily is moved to a second room.

(documented through still images)

third part of the ritual: the long listening.

While the lily decomposes, attention is required. Long listening, long watching.

(not documented)

fourth part of the ritual: the voice is offered to the space.

one voice reads “Der goldene Vogel” in German.

one poem in Hungarian is offered.

sounds of singing through water and metal.

(not documented)

fifth part of the ritual: the lily is brought to the river.

the lily is finally decomposed: it will be discarded in the river which flows behind the place.

the fifth part introduces the necessity of displacement: What was inside is brought outside.

(the displacement is documented through video and recordings)


after a month the sound offer is repeated, next to the river where the lily has been discarded.

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