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"Archetypes of Contamination" is the title of my art-based research project conducted as a Doctoral Candidate in the field of Contemporary art at Aalto University, Department of Art and Media. The research started in September 2021.


This project looks at myths and beliefs considering the state of tension between possible and impossible in the creation of personal and collective realities. It started by looking at radioactive contamination through the re-creation of rituals, hypothesizing that mythological images may play a role in understanding determinate processes of environmental transformation related to human intervention. 


Considering the world as we see and perceive it as a result of different thought processes, this project postulates that specific symbolic/archetypal images may shape the creation of human realities, and consequently the way the world appears today. Can an affective relation with the contaminants we have created interfere with the actual state of environmental pollution? 

This project is being realized thanks to the contribution of Taike Arts Promotion Centre, Finland.

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