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Aurora Del Rio is a multidisciplinary artist and Ph.D. candidate at Aalto University, based in Helsinki. She holds a BA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, and an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute Berlin/New York. Her artistic practice investigates the relationship between humans and nature and how the perception of contaminated spaces influences the creation of reality. She is interested in the space of potentiality that originates when definition is avoided or misplaced, and the liminal space of failure.

Recent shows:

2022  “Tune into Green” | online exhibition

2021   Rucka residency | LV

2021  “Environmental Alterations” | Millepiani  Exhibition Space | Rome, IT

2021  “Telephone” Online experiment and exhibition

2021  “Transart (Not So) Short Fest” | Ely Center of Contemporary Art | New Haven, CT (USA)

2020  “Rava vavàra” Episode 25 | Radio Broadcast

2020  "Formula to Let the Grass Grow" Performance - Umspannwerk  - Berlin GERMANY

2019 V Festival Video NodoCCS | Product Buro | Barcelona, Spain

2019 “Signifiers” video installation | Niav International Art Village | Nishiaizu, Japan

2019 “Invocations to the Unnamable” Installation | Gamo Kan Gallery | Nishiaizu, Japan

2019 “Signifiers” video installation | Morton Memorial Library | New York, USA

2019 “FEM4 Contemporary Art” screening | Center of Contemporary Art Pispala Hirvitalo, FI

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